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Service Desk

Our Service Desk is the linchpin of your restaurant’s IT operations, offering a comprehensive range of services from incident management and technical troubleshooting to user support and remote hardware management. In addition to solving immediate issues, we continually enrich a knowledge base and work in sync with specialized IT teams to tackle complex challenges. This integrated approach not only ensures prompt and effective user support but also contributes to the overall stability and availability of your IT infrastructure.

Incident & Request Management


Technical Support & Troubleshooting


Infrastructure & Hardware Management


Knowledge & Communication


Collaboration & Improvement


SLA Management

Eton’s Support Framework

Level 1

This serves as the primary point of contact for users seeking technical assistance. L1 support specialists possess strong proficiency in fundamental troubleshooting and are adept at resolving typical issues. They are well-prepared to offer immediate assistance for uncomplicated problems.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Possess profound expertise in particular areas or technologies. They serve as our trusted authorities for intricate or specialized matters. In instances demanding a higher level of proficiency, SMEs intervene to offer guidance and solutions.

Level 2 (L2) Support

L2 support handles advanced or escalated issues that surpass the capabilities of L1 or SME support. They possess specialized technical expertise and extensive experience in addressing intricate problems. When required, they collaborate closely with relevant teams to ensure comprehensive and efficient issue resolution.

How We Help

Service Offerings

POS System

POS Support (NCR)

  • checkmarkExpert POS Support Analysts
  • checkmarkComprehensive POS Management
  • checkmarkProactive Administration and Performance Optimization
  • checkmarkProactive Issue Resolution
  • checkmarkData Integrity and Security
  • checkmarkCentralized Oversight
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Hardware & Software Configuration

  • checkmarkRapid Response and Availability
  • checkmarkExpertise Across a Range of Technologies
  • checkmarkProactive Issue Prevention
  • checkmarkUser Education and Empowerment
  • checkmarkComprehensive Documentation

Network Support

  • checkmarkDynamic Troubleshooting Skills
  • checkmarkProactive Network Health Monitoring
  • checkmarkUser-Centric Communication
  • checkmarkDisaster Recovery Readiness
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Desktop Support

  • checkmarkSoftware Setup and Maintenance:
  • checkmarkOperating System Assistance
  • checkmarkHardware Problem Solving
  • checkmarkEmail and App Help
  • checkmarkUser Account Management

Guest Relationship Management

Below you can find the key services and impacts that you get when you partner with Eton for your Guest Relationship Management needs

Competitive Advantage


Customer Retention


Brand Reputation


Query Resolution


Social Media Management


Long Term Sustainability


Competitive Advantage and Benefits of Partnering with ETON

  • checkmarkIncreased Guest Satisfaction Ratings
  • checkmarkEnhanced Guest Loyalty
  • checkmarkHigher Repeat Business and Revenue
  • checkmarkImproved Brand Reputation
  • checkmarkPositive Online Reviews

Why partner with us?


Cost Savings

With ETON team working from India we will help you save 50%-60% of your operational expenses



We work in shifts which will ensure availability across your working hours 365 days and 24 hours


No Attrition Worries

ETON manages entire staffing and hence you will never have to worry about resource downtime eliminating attrition effects



Be it a completely new solution or process, ETON will take care of all training related activities and documentation ensuring smooth handover

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